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Coaching is asking challenging and thought provoking questions conversations allowing you to uncover the answers that you have within you. It is where we bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Coaching is having someone who will hold you accountable. Fulfilment coaching main priority is to help clients gain the life they want.

What is coaching?

Do you wish you could improve your life and your wellbeing?

Do you feel you have became your condition rather than your own self?

Do you feel like you’re existing rather than living?

Are you ready to take control of your health and wellbeing?

Do you wish there was more excitement in your life?

Does this seem like you?

Why I can help you!

You might be wondering how I can help. Well, my name is Nick Bates, and I am a Chronic Illness Coach. I help people with serious or long term illnesses improve their lives and wellbeing. I have gone from a kid who was in and out of hospital to now, being an adult of loads of different medications and wanting to better, not only my life, but those who are in a similar situation. I know what it is like living with a chronic long term illness and want to do what I can to help and support those who are going through the same.

Picture of Nick Bates taking notes in a blue T-shirt
Picture of Nick Bates during a face to face coaching session
What is a discovery session?

A discovery session is a powerful way to start your journey in coaching with a complimentary deep dive coaching session. Its an opportunity to learn about the power of coaching and how I can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

How the coaching works:

I proudly offer 1-1 coaching for tradesmen who want to break free from monotony.


Sessions are held weekly for 12 weeks on Zoom.


1-1 clients get email and Telegram support during the 12 weeks


I am offering a 1-1 Complimentary discovery session to see if we will be a good fit for working together.


Please use the link to get yourself booked in.

Picture of Nick Bates in a brown leather jacket and white T-shirt
Picture of Nick Bates reading a book in the dark
My Approach

I am an Accredited Coaching Master.

I am a Chronic Illness Coach who goes above and beyond to secure your end goal.

I have been through this;

I am honest about my life, and I will use this to help others.

You might be thinking, can you afford this?

How much would you put on living a better life? My coaching programs are extremely affordable I have a range of different payment plans to accommodate all budgets. If you are worried about the investment, think about what you will get out of this investment. Think about how it would feel if you had more clarity over your condition. How would it feel if you had a better life and wellbeing?

Money back guarantee

Also, we have a complete no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not happy for whatever reason within 14 days of the program, you can have 100% of your money back no questions asked.

What can you expect from your coaching?

You can expect to live a more happier life. You will have a more amazing family life. You will have more energy, more direction and more determination. 
You will be more confident in yourself and life surrounding your diagnosis. 

Picture of Nick Bates in a brown leather jacket and white T-shirt smiling
Picture of Nick Bates looking at tablet
Book your discovery session 

Are you ready to make the change so you can have a better life? Click the button below and we will book a discovery session to get you on your way to the life you deserve. This session alone will make an incredible amount of impact.
Take Action Now.

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